Pacific development scholar and social justice activist Professor Vijay Naidu provides an overview of development thus far in the Pacific Islands and how the people have fared under the neoliberal model. The good. The bad. The people. More than half of Pacific Islanders are suffering one form of injustice or another - poverty, no access to clean drinking water, housing, displaced from their homes because of environment degradation. The promise of wellbeing, good living that neoliberal models promised, and the abandonment of holistic development Pacific island communities were once founded on. It is time to envision a new model of development for the Pacific islands that cares for the wellbeing of people and living things. This is the first in a series of podcasts called 'Changing the Story' that delves into the various fronts of development - from health to agriculture - all for building a new vision of the Pacific - where everyone matters.

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